Most people who are addicted to drugs can't stop using them just because they want to. Without drugs, they will often feel very sick. They won’t feel better until their bodies and brains stop craving the drugs. Some medicines can make it easier to stop using certain drugs without feeling sick.

But getting a drug out of a person's system is just the first stage of treatment.

People with a drug addiction often stop taking care of themselves and their responsibilities. They focus on getting and using drugs.

People with drug problems might:

  • stop taking care of their family, their work, or their community
    • People with drug addictions might forget things that matter to them. They have trouble keeping promises.
  • stop taking care of their health
    • People with drug addictions might not eat or sleep well. They might not clean their teeth. They might not go to the doctor when they get sick. Their drug use might have caused other health problems.
  • stop enjoying the things that made them feel good
    • When people are on drugs, they stop caring about hobbies, interests, and friends.

They need to relearn how to live without drugs.

Talking with doctors or counselors in treatment can help. They are trained to listen and help people solve personal problems.

Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit SAHMSA's Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator at any time to find drug and counseling treatment near you.

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