One girl handing another girl drugs.Photo by © NIDA
  • Your body
    Everyone's bodies react to drugs differently. Some people like the feeling the first time they try a drug and want more. Other people hate how it feels and never try it again. Some are more likely to get addicted.
  • Using drugs when you're young
    When kids use drugs, it can change how their bodies and brains finish growing. Using drugs when you're young increases your chances of becoming addicted when you get older.
  • Mental health problems
    People who have mental health problems are more likely to get addicted. This is because drug use and mental health problems affect the same parts of the brain.
    Some mental health problems might be:
    • Feeling so sad or worried about something that it is hard to live your life normally
    • having trouble paying attention
    • having quick mood changes

Some people might use drugs to try to feel better. Read more at the Easy-to-Read Drug Facts webpage, Drug Use and Mental Health Problems Often Happen Together

  • Hanging around other people who use drugs
    Friends or family members who use drugs can make you more likely to use drugs.
  • Trouble in school, trouble at work, trouble with making friends
    Trouble at school or work or trouble getting along with people, can make life hard. You might use drugs to try to get your mind off these problems or use drugs to make friends. Remember: true friends would not pressure you to use a drug.

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