Photo of a woman with a headset on taking callsPhoto by © can call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) at any time to find drug treatment centers in your area.

People with drug problems might not act like they used to. They might:

  • change their friends a lot
  • spend a lot of time alone
  • choose not to spend time with family and friends like they used to
  • lose interest in their favorite things
  • not take care of themselves—for example, not take showers, change clothes, or brush their teeth
  • be really tired and sad
  • have changes in eating habits (eating more or eating less)
  • be very energetic, talk fast, or say things that don't make sense
  • be in a bad mood
  • quickly change between feeling bad and feeling good
  • sleep at strange hours
  • miss important appointments
  • have problems at work or at school
  • have problems in personal or family relationships

It’s hard for people with an addiction to stop taking the drug on their own. They might try to stop taking the drug and then feel really sick. Then they might take the drug again to stop feeling sick. They might need help to stop using drugs.

Drug treatment can help. Read more on the Easy-to-Read DrugFacts webpage, Treatment and Recovery.

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