What is treatment?

Photo of womanPhoto by ©istock.com/Marjot

Treatment can help people stop using drugs. Treatment can include counseling, medicine, or both. It can help people fight urges to use drugs again. It can also help them take back control of their lives.

People start taking drugs for different reasons. Sometimes they might start as a way to fit in with other people. Or they might have problems in their lives, like family trouble, money trouble, or problems at work. They might not know how else to cope. But drugs can make these problems worse.

Drug use can mess up every part of a person's life. So, in treatment, people need help to improve all areas of their lives. This means working on a few things, like:

  • their relationships
  • their ability to work or go to school
  • how they have fun
  • how they deal with problems

Treatment is for anyone using or misusing drugs:

  • Treatment can help people who are just starting to get addicted.
  • You don't have to be at "rock bottom" for treatment to work.

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