Photo of a young man yelling© can make a person's mood change quickly. For example, someone using meth might become angry and violent.

Meth speeds up breathing and raises blood pressure.

Meth can make people hyperactive (full of too much energy). They might talk and move around a lot. They might not stop to eat or sleep.

People who use meth often scratch their skin, causing sores. They might have burns on their lips or fingers from holding a hot meth pipe.

Meth can make a person's mood change quickly. For example, they might feel excited, and then become angry and violent. They might feel afraid that someone's out to get them. They might want to end their own life.

People who get addicted to meth start needing to take more of it to get the same high. People who usually eat or snort meth might start to smoke or inject it (shoot up) to get a stronger, quicker high.

People who are trying to quit taking meth might:

  • feel sad
  • get really tired but have trouble sleeping
  • feel angry or nervous
  • be unable to feel happy

They will feel a very strong need to take the drug.