The nicotine in e-cigarettes can make you feel good. It can also raise your blood pressure. Your heart might beat faster. You might breathe faster. And it can make you not want to eat.

E-cigarettes don’t smell like the smoke from cigarettes and might not have an odor. But the cartridges might have flavored liquid that can smell like fruit, mint, or candy. If you smell these scents and don’t see any of these items around, it could be an e-cigarette.

Some e-cigarettes look like everyday items, like pens or USB drives. If you see someone holding these items a lot, you can take a closer look to see if they are actually e-cigarettes.

One important part of an e-cigarette is called the atomizer. This turns the liquid in the product into a vapor. After a while, these burn out. If you find an atomizer in the garbage, someone in your house might be using e-cigarettes.

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