To stop using marijuana, "Cristina" is making positive changes in her life. She finds support from family and friends who don't use marijuana. (This story is based on the experiences of real people whose names have been changed.)
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I've tried to quit smoking Weed so many times. I think, "Okay, just one more time, and then I'll stop for real." But I never lasted more than a week. I would miss how relaxed and happy it would make me feel. And when I hadn't smoked it for a few days, I'd feel jumpy and upset. And smoking a joint made everything feel better.

There was another reason it was hard to quit. Whenever I hung out with my friends, we'd share a couple of joints. I worried that they'd be mad at me if I said I didn't want to.

I used to have hobbies, like cooking and traveling. I had plans for the future. But I stopped caring about these things the more I smoked Weed. I'd just sit around, watching TV, eating too much junk food, and letting the world pass me by. I realized that I needed a big change. I need different people around me.

I decided to talk to my Auntie Rosita about my marijuana problem. She freaked out a little at first. But then she helped me find a day clinic where I could get treatment. Auntie Rosita calls all the time now to check in. It helps so much to talk to her. I'm reconnecting with some old friends, too. We lost touch because they don't smoke Weed.

I haven't had any marijuana for two weeks now, longer than any other time that I've tried to quit. I've had some trouble sleeping, and I was feeling pretty tense during the day, but it's getting better. I feel like I can think more clearly. I can remember things better. I still get cravings, especially when I smell Weed or see someone smoking it. I have to remind myself to stay away from parties where there might be Weed.

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