A young man's sweating face.©iStock.com/knapeBath salts can make you feel sick and start to sweat.

These are just some of the problems bath salts can cause:

You Feel Sick

Bath salts can cause nosebleeds and make you sweat. It can also make you lose sleep and throw up.

Muscle Breakdown and Kidney Failure

Some people who take bath salts can become extremely annoyed and violent. They are also often very thirsty. Their muscles break down, and their kidneys stop working.

Heart Attack

Bath salts can cause your heart to beat faster and your blood pressure to go up. This can give you a heart attack, which could lead to death.

HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis

Sharing used needles to inject (shoot up) bath salts can give you HIV/AIDS or hepatitis (a liver disease).


You can get addicted to bath salts. When the high wears off, you can have the shakes and feel nervous or depressed. It's hard to sleep, and you could start having strange, fearful thoughts—like believing that everyone is out to get you. Strong cravings make you want more bath salts to feel good again.