Many people who have drug problems also have other mental health problems. Examples of mental health problems are:


  • Depression makes you feel very sad and tired.


  • Anxiety makes you feel nervous, worried, and afraid.

Bipolar disorder

  • Bipolar disorder makes your mood change back and forth. You might be full of energy, excited, or angry. Then you might feel sad, tired, and hopeless.

ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)

  • ADHD makes you have trouble paying attention. It might be hard to sit still and focus.

Antisocial personality disorder

  • Antisocial personality disorder makes it hard to have good relationships and care about other people's feelings.

Why are people with drug problems more likely to also have other mental health problems?

  • Drug and other mental health problems can affect the same parts of the brain. This may be part of the reason some people have both problems.
  • Also, if someone feels really bad, they might try to make it better by using drugs. But that doesn't usually work for very long. Instead, they may become addicted to drugs and then feel even worse than before.

A drug problem can make another mental health problem worse and vice versa. Someone with a drug and other mental health problem needs treatment for both at the same time to get better. People who think they have both problems should tell their doctor.

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