You know how your eyes can look like your father’s eyes or your nose like your mother's? This is because you have a map in your body that you got from your parents before you were born. This map is called DNA and it is made up of genes. The genes are short parts of your DNA. Like genes you get from your parents for your eyes and nose, you can have genes that can increase your chance of becoming addicted to drugs.

But it’s not all about genes. If children see a parent or family member using drugs, they might think it's okay. Kids learn behaviors by watching their parents or older brothers and sisters. Living with an adult with an addiction also causes a lot of problems in the house. Children might not get the care or attention they need. Children who don't feel loved have a greater chance of using drugs and becoming addicted. This can be a problem that continues through many generations. It does not matter if a family is rich, poor, or in between. It can happen to anyone.

The good news is that many children whose parents had drug problems don't become addicted when they grow up. The chances of developing an addiction are higher, but it doesn't have to happen. And you can protect yourself from this chance by not using drugs at all.

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