This easy-to-read web site talks about drug abuse, addiction, and treatment. It has pictures and videos to help readers understand the text. The web site also can read each page out loud. The pages are easy to print out to share with people who do not have computers. Learn more about the features of this web site at Tools and Resources.

This web site shows few pictures of drugs or drug use. Such pictures can cause problems for people who are addicted to drugs. Seeing pictures of drugs can make a person feel strong urges to start using drugs again. If you need to find additional pictures, visit the Get Smart About Drugs web site, which has a large photo collection.

NIDA is very grateful to these organizations in Washington, DC, who helped us make this web site easy to read. (Click the links to visit their web sites.)

Photo Information

The people in all photos on this website are models. They are not photos of actual drug users. They are not pictures of the people described in the personal stories. These photos are from and